City of Vaughan October 17,2023
In accordance with all applicable City, provincial, federal guidelines, acts and regulations, responsible for the maintenance and repair of water infrastructure and appurtenances including inspection duties involving hydrants, meters, chambers, pumping/booster stations, etc.; completion of associated paperwork; and provides backup support to the Team Lead, Water Operations Coordinator and Supervisor.
City of Vaughan October 10,2023
In accordance with all applicable City, provincial and federal guidelines, acts and regulations, responsible for the operations, maintenance and repair of wastewater collection and storm water infrastructure and appurtenances, including pump stations, methane stations, storm and sanitary sewers, service connections, manholes, catch basins, inlet/outlet structures and grates, storm water management ponds, and any other infrastructure and appurtenances necessary for the operation of wastewater collection and storm water systems; Completes associated paperwork; and provides backup support to the Assistant Foreperson, and Supervisor.
North Cedar Improvement District December 31,2023
Reporting to the Water Treatment and Distribution Working Foreperson, this position’s primary focus is the operation and maintenance of all aspects of the District’s water distribution system with a secondary focus of assisting, as required, within the District’s water treatment plant.
The Corporation of the City Of Brantford October 5,2023

Reporting to the Supervisors of Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection, the various functions of the Distribution & Collection Operator's job pertain to partial installation and complete maintenance of the Distribution and Collection systems. This involves skilled operation of heavy equipment (i.e. Vactor/Jetter Combo, Tractor Backhoe, Dump Truck, Valve Turning Machines), various tools and the ability to troubleshoot system failures or problems that arise. This work focuses on all aspects of the City's 3 Systems (Water Distribution, Wastewater and Stormwater Collection). The successful candidate must be willing and available to respond to emergencies and additional work after normal working hours, as deemed necessary by the Corporation. This position may be required to assume scheduled after­hours standby duty, which is distributed with other Operators and based on seniority.

Durham/West Gray October 25,2023

Operates and monitors the performance of system process equipment and related appurtenances, including but not limited to valves, gates, pumps, compressors, engines, electric motors/generators, chemical dosing equipment, etc.. Adjusts, inspects and evaluates processes and equipment that control the operation and effectiveness of water and wastewater systems (WWT, WWC, WT, WD) in order to optimize performance, maintain regulatory compliance, and minimize local and/or system wide adverse impacts while taking into consideration cost, equipment capabilities, environmental impacts and OH&S.Makes process adjustments, operational decisions and addresses/responds to alarm conditions to ensure efficient, compliant and safe operation within established performance, regulatory and quality limits. Maintains records and documentation of all process and/or work area activities using either manual or computerized systems including but not limited to plant logbooks, computerized databases, etc.  Accountable for the efficient operation, in compliance with applicable regulations, of all processes within the water and wastewater systems as well as for personal performance and promoting optimal team performance. Collects samples, performs routine tests and analysis and calculations, and records results. Identifies changes in operational conditions and interprets information in order to implement corrective actions and/or trouble shoot process issues.  Utilizes various tools to perform operational duties including but not limited to Process Control System (PCS), other SCADA systems, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and Computerize Maintenance Management System (CMMS).  Performs preventative maintenance diagnostics, and routine preventative maintenance duties such as monitoring equipment for excessive vibration or high temperatures. Monitors and assesses equipment performance and maintains process operations by using CLAIR (clean, lubricate, adjust, inspect, repair). Other duties as assigned.