City of Hamilton December 15,2021
Under the general supervision of the Water Distribution Supervisor, transports equipment, material and personnel to locations in the City as well as performs labouring duties such as the installation and repair of watermains, water services, fire hydrants, valve chambers and other sewer and water systems. Operates and maintains construction equipment including air compressors, pavement breakers, pipe cutting saws, clay spades, compactors, pumps and generators.
City of Hamilton December 15,2021
Under the general supervision of the Water Distribution Supervisor, performs labouring duties in the repair and installation of water distribution system infrastructure. Drives service vehicles.
The District Municipality of Muskoka December 15,2021
As the Operator, you will receive day-to-day instruction and supervision from the Chief Operator, Water & Wastewater Operations, or Overall Responsible Operator (ORO), and can act as the Operator in Charge (OIC) as defined in provincial statutes, as required. The Operator assists the ORO in the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of Muskoka’s water and wastewater subsystems.
Municipality of Highlands East December 13,2021
Reporting to the Environmental Supervisor, the Assistant Environmental Operator will be responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of all Municipal water and wastewater facilities, including treatment, distribution and collection systems. As an Environmental Operator duties will also include Operator-in-charge (OIC) designation in accordance with all relevant Municipal, Provincial, and Federal legislation, standards and policies. Perform on-call duties, as required, on a rotational basis.
Township of Centre Wellington December 13,2021

Reporting to the Supervisor of Water Services, this position is responsible for operational aspects of the Township’s water systems including routine maintenance, monitoring, and emergency repairs. This position is responsible for all technical aspects of water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution and contributes to the development and implementation of the Drinking Water Quality Management System.