AWWA Water Equation Scholarship 2020

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OWWA would like to congratulate Husein Almuhtaram and Nathan Moore of University of Toronto for receiving an AWWA Water Equation 2020 Scholarship!

Students are currently coping with the uncertainty of Fall openings of Universities and Colleges, but AWWA scholarships reduced some of the anxiety of funding education for 37 students this year. While the awards are usually recognized at the annual conference, we took advantage of technology this year with a virtual scholarship recognition event.  The link to the event can be found here.  The AWWA Scholarship portfolio of 27 academic scholarships and the One AWWA Operator Scholarship is managed by AWWA Water Equation, and awards over $200,000 annually for water related research and studies.

Two students attending the University of Toronto received corporate scholarships.

Nathan Moore, a PhD candidate in the Drinking Water Research Group at the University of Toronto, received the Thomas R. Camp scholarship from CDM Smith.   His current research is on the application of ultraviolet light-based advanced oxidation processes for reuse and drinking waters. Prior to joining the Drinking Water Research Group, he received a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from McGill University and completed research assistantships in the Microbial Communities Engineering Laboratory at McGill University and in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto. He is currently a Co-Chair of the International Ultraviolet Association’s Young Professionals Committee and is a member of the Ontario Water Works Association’s Small Systems Committee. Nathan’s other interests include travelling, hiking, watching and playing a variety of sports, playing music, and working on his podcast.

The Hazen and Sawyer Scholarship was awarded to Husein Almuhtaram. Husein is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto working under Professor Ron Hofmann in the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering. He has been a member of the AWWA community for several years, has delivered workshops and presentations at WQTC conferences as well as at the annual conference of his home section, the Ontario Water Works Association, and is a past winner of the WQTC Best Student Presentation award. Currently, he is part of the team rewriting the AWWA M57 Algae: Source to Treatment manual. Outside of his research and related activities, he enjoys hiking with his wife, reading, and drinking a great cup of coffee.

AWWA Scholarship applications will open again in August 2020 with final deadline in mid-December. The awards will be recognized at ACE21 in San Diego, CA.

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