Water and Wastewater Cybersecurity CISA Toolkit

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Canadian Centre for CyberSecurity:


We are pleased to highlight the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)’s most recent publication, a toolkit for water and wastewater organizations that may be of interest: Water and Wastewater Cybersecurity | CISA


Although the guidance on the website mainly focuses for the water and wastewater sector in the US, the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity offers similar services to our Canadian partners:

·         Cyber Alerts: Emails sent on an ad hoc basis that include an overview of current vulnerabilities and compromises discovered in widely used products and services.

·         Cyber Flashes: Emails sent when there’s an immediate or active security issue, compromise, or campaign that has a considerable impact on Canadian critical infrastructure.

·         National Cyber Threat Notification System (NCTNS): Automatic notification system that informs you when a sign of compromise or a vulnerable service is seen on your IP space. Please note you will need to provide your external IP addresses to the Cyber Centre.

·         Scorecards: Monthly PDF reports tell you about potential infections and vulnerable services on the IP address space used by your organization. They offer peer-based comparisons to other organizations within your sector to help you understand where you fit with respect to the rest of your industry.

·         Canadian Cyber Security Tool (CCST) – a virtual self-assessment tool for an organization’s cybersecurity posture where, upon completion, participants receive a report indicating strengths and weaknesses.


If you are not already onboarded to any of the above services and are interested, please contact us at or We would be happy to provide guidance to help prevent, detect, respond to and recover from cyber incidents, along with our colleagues at the Cyber Incident team (, who are ready to assist 24/7.

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