MEA's OPS "101" Course/Webinar

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Registration is open for Municipal Engineers Association OPS "101" Course/Webinar! This course is running from November 1-2, 2023 from 1:00pm - 3:45pm.
This course/webinar will provide an overview of OPS for Roads and Public Works (OPS), the rational/history regarding OPS, it's governance and the benefits of using these harmonized standards. The fundamental elements of typical public works contact, and the means of building better contracts using OPS manuals will be explained through group exercises. Other critical components in contract development will be discussed in the municipal public works context. Case studies will be used to explore the real-world applications of these topics. 
Course Outline: 
• Course Introduction 
• Benefits of OPS 
• Foundational Elements of Contract 
• Navigating Through OPS to Build Better Contracts 
• Case Studies 
• Other Critical Components in Contract Development 
Who Should Attend? 
Individuals involved in the design and delivery of infrastructure construction projects from the municipal, provincial, consultant, or contractor’s side.
Participants will learn:  
• The purpose and benefits of harmonised standards such as OPS 
• How to apply OPS to: 
• Improve contract preparation and management 
• Build efficient and industry standard specifications 
• Mitigate financial and legal risks for your Organization

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