Opportunity for students at NWWA Halifax conference

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Water Canada has partnered with the National Water and Wastewater Association’s annual conference to bring Downstream to the East Coast.


On November 9th, this FREE speed networking event will bring together current and future generations of water professionals to cultivate an inclusive, diverse, and thriving water sector.


How does it work?

Early career professionals and students are personally invited by program directors and industry organizations in partnership with Water Canada magazine to attend a 2.5-hr event that provides the opportunity to learn from and network with experts representing different streams of Canada’s water sector.


In Halifax, early career professionals will participate in a series of 20-min. roundtable discussions that focus on industry trends, challenges, and career opportunities. Topics to be discussed include:


Water Governance – Halifax Water

Source Water Protection – OWWA

Opportunities in the North – Students On Ice

Data – Watershed Management

Floodwater Mitigation – CBCL

Indigenous Engagement – TBA


Learn more about Downstream here:

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