AWWA Utility Benchmarking

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Improve Your Utility's Performance
Benchmarking through the AWWA program allows you to help your utility:

- Understand its performance relative to the industry

- Identify areas for improvement or investment

- Track performance against strategic goals

- Establish realistic goals and create action plans

- Facilitate customer and stakeholder conversations

As a thank you for your contribution, all participants will receive a customized performance report and a 30% discount on the publication (that's a 60% discount for members!)
Participate by submitting 2021 utility performance data. All utilities must submit their data by April 1, 2022
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Key Performance Indicators
The AWWA Benchmarking Program collects data across 58 key performance indicators. These indicators are a ready-made set of metrics with detailed definitions and calculations that utilities can easily and appropriately apply to their business functions and processes.
If you work for a water, wastewater, or combined utility that may be interested in participating in future benchmarking efforts, please contact AWWA at for questions on the AWWA Utility Benchmarking Program.

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