Partnership for Safe Water Director's Award - Halton Region

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The OWWA is honoured to present Halton Region with the Partnership for Safe Water Director’s Award to recognize their successful completion of Phase III of the Program. Halton Region is the first ever utility in Canada to achieve this status. OWWA commends the Region and its staff for their commitment to the Partnership, to its ongoing optimization efforts, and to providing customers with the highest quality drinking water.

The Partnership is a voluntary effort between six international drinking water organizations, including the American Water Works Association, and more than 300 water utilities. The goal of the Partnership is to provide a new measure of public health protection to millions of consumers by encouraging utilities to voluntarily improve performance beyond current regulatory requirements.

The Partnership consists of four Phases: Commitment, Baseline Data Collection, Self-Assessment and Optimized System. Upon the completion of Phase III, utilities submit their self-assessment report for review to a team of utility optimization experts from the Partnership’s Program Effectiveness Assessment Committee. Upon successful review, the utility receives the Director’s Award to recognize this significant achievement.

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