FAQ for Testers and Potential Testers:

Q: How do I become a certified backflow prevention tester?

A: You will have to register, complete, and pass the Cross Connection Control course. Please contact one of the accredited institutions (provided under Certification & Training) directly to find out about course availability, pricing, and to register.

Q: How long until I receive my Cross Connection Control Certification?

A: It can take up to 6 weeks from the time you completed your course to receive your certification in the mail.

Q: When does my certification expire?

A: Please refer to our online tester list for certification numbers and expiry dates.

Q: My certification is expired, how do I become recertified?

A: If you are looking to become recertified, you are eligible for the recertification course. This course will be available through the institution which you originally did your certification course. The recertification course is a condensed version of the initial certification course. You do not have to retake the entire certification course again. Please contact the accredited institution for course dates and to register.

Q: I’ve lost my wallet card; can I receive a new one?

A: Yes, please contact the OWWA office to inquire about receiving a replacement wallet card.

Q: I am currently certified in another Canadian Section, how do I become certified in Ontario?

A: You are eligible for registration in other Canadian Sections if you move residence. Please contact the OWWA office to inquire about transferring your certification and fees.

Q: When do I have to recertify?

A: There is no date which you are required to be recertified. It is recommended to do so before your expiry date. Reminder emails are sent when it is nearing your expiry date.


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