What We Do

The Treatment Committee takes the lead in addressing water quality issues and regulations from source to tap, and does so in cooperation with the OWWA Distribution and Source Water Protection Committees.

Our focus is on gathering and disseminating information related to achieving the highest quality water through treatment for all municipal purposes. We encourage, monitor, and report on applied treatment research by utilities, universities, and funding agencies.

Our Activities


Every year the Treatment Committee organizes a Spring Seminar, normally in late March, on subjects relating to drinking water treatment.

  • 2019 Optimization through Construction and Beyond
  • 2018 Good to Great – Treatment Optimization to Meet Future Challenges
  • 2017 What’s Coming Down the Pipes? Risk, Regulations and Emerging Issues
  • 2016 Treatment Doesn’t End at the Plant
  • 2015 The ABC’s of DBPs
  • 2014 Don’t Panic With Organics
  • 2013 What You Bought and What You Got
  • 2012 Emerging Contaminants
  • 2011 The Ins and Outs of Water Treatment
  • 2010 The Waste of Water
  • 2009 Risk, Regulations & the Future
  • 2008 Water Treatment Processes and Emerging Issues
  • 2007 Practical Aspects of Water Treatment Processes


Technical Reviews

The Treatment Committee routinely reviews:

  • Proposed regulations and guidelines
  • Papers for the treatment sessions at the annual conference
  • Papers for the Treatment Spring Seminar


The Treatment Committee also offers comments through the Environmental Bill of Rights public consultation process.

Publication of Articles

The Treatment Committee prepares articles on treatment-related issues for publication in the OWWA Pipeline

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