Source Water Protection

What We Do

  • Track government progress and initiatives related to Source Water Protection (SWP)
  • Assist the OWWA in reviewing government initiatives, and preparing input to the government on behalf of OWWA members
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with other SWP oriented organizations
  • Provide information to OWWA members on
    • The value of SWP
    • Their role in SWP
    • Status of SWP initiatives
    • SWP Implementation
    • Technical aspects of SWP related to the drinking water industry


We work closely with the OWWA Groundwater Committee , which leads with respect to tracking, review, and education for technical aspects of SWP for groundwater systems. In addition to its overview role, the SWP committee will lead the tracking, review, and education for technical aspects of SWP for surface water systems and SWP implementation initiatives for both types of systems.

In addition, we:

  • Monitor MECP and MNRF activities
  • Monitor Conservation Authority activities
  • Maintain communications with OWWA executive director and government relations committee
  • Review, coordinate, and select papers for SWP session at the OWWA Annual Conference
  • Keep the SWP section of the OWWA web site current
  • Provide articles to the OWWA Pipeline
  • Plan to provide a one-day seminar on SWP issues, at least every other year and possibly every year


Member Company
Andrea Bazzard Brant County 
Tessa Di Ioiro City of Ottawa
Therese Estephan Region of Peel
Rene Gagnon Peterborough Utilities
Simon Gautrey WOOD
Rika Law R.V. Anderson
Lloyd Lemon  
Angelika Masotti York Region
Patricia Meyer Aqua Insight
Travis Nimmo Durham Region
Peter Rider City of Guelph
Bill Snodgrass City of Toronto
Eric Thuss Region of Waterloo
Kyle Davis  Township of Centre Wellington
Yvonne Zhang TY Lin