Cross Connection Control

What We Do

  • Maintain communication with educational institutions in Ontario offering Backflow Prevention courses
  • Endorse accreditation of educational institutions offering certification
  • Endorse certification of CCC Specialists who have successfully completed approved courses
  • Identify and research existing or potential conflicts between plumbing codes and backflow prevention
  • Provide education to the drinking water industry on backflow prevention
  • Participate at the National level on the Canadian CCC Coordinating Committee


The committee communicates with and monitors the following groups:

  • AWWA CCC Coordinating Committee
  • AWWA Standards Council
  • Canadian CCC Coordinating Committee
  • OWWA Distribution Committee
  • OWWA Certification & Education Committee
  • Provincial CCC Committees
  • Any other group, agency or association that is relevant


We collaborate with members of the Canadian CCC Coordinating Committee with respect to examination questions and procedures for use by accredited educational institutions.

  • Questions that are relative to local codes and conditions are prepared


We visit and evaluate educational institutions requesting teaching status.

  • Minimum training requirements are identified (academic, curriculum, laboratory, and performance requirements)
  • Written and practical examinations are prepared


The Committee recommends actions to OWWA to overcome existing or potential conflicts between codes and good backflow prevention.

Our members contribute articles to Pipeline and frequently present papers at workshops and seminars.

Our members include a broad cross-section of water industry specialists with an interest in backflow prevention, including water purveyors, regulators, equipment suppliers, consultants, educators, and other interested parties.

In addition to the Chair and Vice Chair, a Certification Officer is appointed to serve as the key liaison with local educational institutions.

Our Meetings

The committee has four meetings each year. Meetings are generally held on the second Thursday in February, May, September and November.  Meeting sites vary but are based on committee member locations.

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Cross Connection Control

Member Company
Brennan Quan
Bryan Heyl
Ed Bertolo Evans Supply LTD
Jay Milne Full Moon Plumbing Inc.
Mark Pinkney Ontario WaterMarks
Matt Menezes City of Vaughan
Merissa Beedham Ontario Water Works Association
Michael Haslam Mohawk College Enterprise
Mohamed Karim Town of Richmond Hill
Murray McDowall
Warren Mills Wamco-Div. of EMCO