GHG Inventory Tool 

Click on the links below to download the OWWA/WEAO Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Tool (GHG Inventory Tool). The tool is hosted and maintained by a Sub-Committee of the OWWA/WEAO Climate Change Committee. The GHG Inventory Tool is free and transparent, and was designed to be accessible to all users with inputs that utilities commonly already have on hand. The Climate Change Committee welcomes feedback on the tool and user guide. Users are encouraged to send corrections and improvement suggestions to the committee at 

OWWA/WEAO GHG Inventory Tool

OWWA/WEAO GHG Inventory Tool User Guide

To view the OWWA/WEAO GHG Inventory Webinars, please click here. This link inlcudes webinar sessions: Introduction to GHG Emissions from Water & Wastewater Treatment and Using the New OWWA/WEAO GHG Inventory Tool. 

Upcoming Events 

OWWA/WEAO Pre-Conference Workshop: Using the OWWA/WEAO Inventory Tool 
Sunday, May 5, 1:00-3:00 PM
Niagara Falls Convention Centre 

Join us for a workshop at the OWWA/WEAO Joint Conference. The workshop will include an overview and demo of the OWWA/WEAO GHG Inventory Tool. This will be followed by a User Group Forum where tool users will share their experiences including applications, challenges, lessons learned, and tool "hacks". For the full workshop agenda, click here. *Attendees must be a registered for the conference

 What We Do

Climate change is one of the most critical issues facing the water sector today. The science around mitigation and adaptation for the water sector is complex and constantly evolving. The goal of the OWWA/WEAO Climate Change Committee is to prepare our industry for what lies ahead. We do this by informing OWWA and WEAO members about the most effective ways to integrate climate change into water sector activities. 

The OWWA/WEAO Climate Change Committee gathers and fosters water sector climate expertise in the areas of climate mitigation (reducing GHG emissions) and climate adaptation (preparing for the impacts of climate change). We do this to deliver resources, tools, and best practices to OWWA and WEAO members. Our climate mitigation mandate is to help the water sector understand greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the most effective ways to reduce them. Our climate adaptation mandate is to help the sector prepare for the impacts of climate change in Ontario. 

We are a dedicated group of volunteers who strive to bridge the gaps between water/wastewater engineering, climate science, and GHG accounting. Our vision is for climate change considerations to become embedded in every part of the Ontario water infrastructre cycle. 

Our Meetings

Meetings consist of in person meetings in the OWWA Boardroom in Mississauga and/or teleconferences. 

Climate Action Award 

The OWWA/WEAO Climate Action Award is an annual award that recognizes and acknowledges innovations in infrastructure that adapt to climate change (resilient infrastructure) or reduce climate impacts by significantly decreasing greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation). The award is administered by the OWWA/WEAO Climate Change Committee. 

2023 Call for Submissions is Now Closed.   

2022 Winners 

Adaptation/Resilience Category

The City of St. Catharines Climate Change Adaptation and Asset Management Project 

The winner in the adaptation/resiliency category is the City of St. Catharines for integrating climate change adaptation into their asset management program. The Climate Change Adaptation and Asset Management Project builds from the City's Corporate Asset Management Plan and guides the City's decision making on infrastructure assets. The pilot project focused on water and wastewater assests and had three phases to demonstrate a methodology and framework that could be applied across all other City assets. 

GHG Mitigation Category

Region of Peel's District Energy and Wastewater 

The winner in the GHG mitigation category is the Region of Peel's District Energy and wastewater energy transfer system to provide clean heating and cooling to the new Lakeview Village 18,000-person development. The wastewater energy component will utilize treated wastewater effluent from the GE Booth WRRF as the source of thermal energy for the district energy system. The project aligns with the Region's Climate Change Master Plan with an anticipated reduction of 10,000 tonnes-CO2e per year by eliminating naturnal gas that would otherwise have been used for heating. It should be operational in 2030. 



2021 Winner:

  • The City of Toronto's Wastewater Energy Transfer Project

2020 Winner:

  • WSP Canada Inc. / The Regional Municipality of York 


Member Company
Michelle Albert WSP
Christina Beaton City of Timmins
Benjamin Beelen GHD
Jason Boomhour Veolia
Jennifer Burch City of Guelph
Dania Chehab R.V. Anderson
Anna Cleaver AECOM
Alexander Disyak Niagara Region
John Duong Halton Region
Asantha Foneska  
Jordan Gerber CIMA+
Amber Klassen City of Guelph
Jeremy Kraemer GHD
Kevin Kurikose Joseph University of Toronto
Carolyn Lee MECP
Yifan Li Jacobs
Paul Marsh EWA Engineering
Angelika Masotti York
Amirmohammad Moradi  
Praneeta Moti City of Toronto
Javed Mukri Xylem
Maika Pellegrino Jacobs
Max Rao Aquafy Water Technologies Inc.
Nicole Sapeta Region of Waterloo
Emily Zegers City of Toronto