What We Do

It is now recognized that climate change will have significant impacts and that the extent of the impacts will vary geographically. Preparing for change is crucial to ensure residents and businesses in Ontario continue to receive an adequate and uninterrupted supply of high quality drinking water.

  • Monitor scientific literature on climate change to identify predicted changes in the water cycle
  • Bring predicted changes to the attention of OWWA members with alternatives to address the issues (via seminars, workshops and  articles in Pipeline)
  • Communicate with other utility and non-utility organizations to implement best practices to respond to climate change


Our membership includes members from both OWWA and WEAO (Water Environment Association of Ontario) whose members focus on the wastewater/storm water components affected by climate change. We also work closely with the Ontario Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (OCSI) to ensure issues related to infrastructure are adequately addressed in the Committee’s work.

Our Meetings

Meetings consist of in person meetings in the OWWA Boardroom in Mississauga and/or teleconferences. 

Water Adaptation and Resilience Award 

This is a new award presented by the OWWA/WEAO Climate Change Committee to recognize innovation in building climate-resilient water infrastructure with low or net-zero emissions. 

Submissions for the 2019 Water Adaptation and Resilience Award is now closed

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Climate Change

Member Company
Aaron Chase
Appana Lok
Carolyn Lee
Huda Oda Municipality of Chatham-Kent Eng. & Inf. Div.
Indra Maharjan
Maika Pellegrino Jacobs
Merissa Beedham Ontario Water Works Association
Priya Persaud Region of Peel
Rui De Carvalho R.J. Burnside & Associates Ltd.
Tyler Dupp