Diversity & Member Engagement Committee

Our goal is to promote the value of membership in AWWA/OWWA, leading to continued Section growth.

What We Do

  • Recruit new members for all membership classes
  • Work to retain current members
  • Work with AWWA on membership development programs

Our Activities

We are a project-oriented Committee doing these and other activities:

  • Membership booth/display at the OWWA annual conference and regional conferences
  • Continued programs of membership awareness
    • Promotional draws
    • Developing new member target lists
    • Share resources with other committees
  • Participate in AWWA’s membership drives
  • Develop cost effective ways to serve OWWA members
  • Ensure membership programs tie into the Strategic Plan

Our Meetings

We meet three or four times per year, usually in-person meetings at the OWWA boardroom and by conference call, if necessary.

The Membership committee strives to have all membership classes represented on the committee.

Member Company
Emily Curling R.V. Anderson
Bill Garibaldi MTE Consultants
Alonso Hurtado City of Toronto
Yu Pei Queen's University
Priya Persaud Region of Peel
Sonya Semaniuk Ontario Clean Water Agency
Masoumeh Sharafimasooleh Ainley Group
Dave Simpson Oxford County
Abhay Tadwalkar  
Victoria Zhao