Membership Engagement & Development

Our goal is to promote the value of membership in AWWA/OWWA, leading to continued Section growth.

What We Do

  • Recruit new members for all membership classes
  • Work to retain current members
  • Work with AWWA on membership development programs

Our Activities

We are a project-oriented Committee doing these and other activities:

  • Membership booth/display at the OWWA annual conference and regional conferences
  • Continued programs of membership awareness
    • Promotional draws
    • Developing new member target lists
    • Share resources with other committees
  • Participate in AWWA’s membership drives
  • Develop cost effective ways to serve OWWA members
  • Ensure membership programs tie into the Strategic Plan

Our Meetings

We meet three or four times per year, usually in-person meetings at the OWWA boardroom and by conference call, if necessary.

The Membership committee strives to have all membership classes represented on the committee.

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